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Daddy BloggerThe picture to the left quintessentially (word of the day) explains my life. Well, except for the fact that I work at home. And I don’t wear suits to work. Nor do I carry a brief case, believe in purple suits, have pointy toes, or like puffy haired women in skinny jeans. Okay, the picture loosely resembles my life. I do have a wife and son. I have a green bush at my house too. I like to blog–my wife says I’m awesome. Is she obligated to be supportive of my blogging?


By profession I am an SEO. I spend my days/nights working for regional vacation company. I have grown to love the ever changing field of SEO and occasionally blogging about it. SEO blog shadowing has become one of my hobbies as I enjoy reading, learning, and being social. I sincerely hope my blog reflects positive, ethical, and effective tips in this ever changing industry.

Blogging Tips

On the job training accurately describes my relationship with the blogosphere. I have been actively managing blogs since late 2004. I have over worked on or start roughly 20 blogs–half of which are no longer in existence. I truly enjoy offering great blogging tips but I am afraid I have more “don’t do this” than “you should do this.” It is what it is!

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